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3 Considerations when Hiring a Website Professional

Jan 16, 2017

Business owner, have you ever said?

  • “The website designer I want to work won’t return my calls.”
  • “My website designer smeared me on social media after I decided to use someone else.”
  • “It takes forever to for my webmaster to update my site.” 

I’ve heard these statements and others from other business owners and entrepreneurs, all too often. 

KLA Web Designs was launched to put high-converting websites within your reach. Here are my top 3 considerations to increase your chances to select a website professional that can help you finally get more out of your website:

1. Review their online portfolio. The key word here is ‘online’. If they want to send you over some links or some screenshots, that’s a red flag. Professional website designers have their own websites and their own portfolios.

2. Speak with them on the phone before exchanging any money. I know, I know, you are in a hurry and you just need to get this done. If they aren’t willing to spend a few minutes chatting with you, then imagine what will happen when you have more questions AFTER you’ve paid them.

3. Ask which person will complete the work you are hiring them to do. Even if it’s not them (like a partner, team member, or 3rd party provider, etc.) you need to know who is going to have access to one of your business assets – your website. Carefully reconsider if you don’t get a straight enough answer.


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