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This is a tiny sample of our most recent work. Each of these clients are powerhouses in their local communities, but they all wanted some website magic to help convey that in the online world.

Studio Pink Candy Boutique


The new design of this sweet site significantly increased the number of clients all while seeing monthly sales goals exceed the company’s expectations. These delectable moments resulted in the business moving into 1st page on Google’s search rankings – all within 3 months. Ummmm Good!


Little Apple Carpet Cleaning


The new design of this website helped Little Apple Carpet Cleaning secure a major local contract. Online exposure moved them to 4th in Google’s search rankings – a drastic increase from 60th to 4th in just 6 months. Best of all, this new site reduced their online marketing expenses and increased their ROI.

How did we do it? Simple – we created an online contact form with critical information to help the customer understand just what they were buying. Also, we added a new Facebook feed integration which has increased online awareness, and an online testimonial collection form benefitting the company with usable testimonials to increase customer comfort in their services.


Aggietown Real Estate


In just 3 short months, our client Aggietown Real Estate skyrocketed to a top 20 spot on Google search rankings. Before hiring us to redesign their website, this management company was stuck at spot 120 with no real way to engage and convert site browsers. 

With us in their back pocket, Aggietown has more properties under management contract than ever before. The company is also now saving a ton of time with online forms to kick start the client acquisition process and support service for existing clients.  


Friendship House


Friendship House’s redesigned website resulted in considerable increases in their bookings and inquires, in addition to, a notable increase in requests for them to stay open daily. This increased their patron load, changed the way they provided services – for the better of course – and most notably gave them a tasty income boost.

We changed the face of their internet profile by adding accessible online ordering and catering forms. We also showcased daily specials and new updates. The Result – returning and new client comfort in knowing what they’re getting for their money – customer satisfaction makes for healthy business profits!


Manhattan Healthworks


The newly launched Manhattan Healthworks site has done wonders for the health and wellness of the company. It has increased client load and awareness, all while seeing an upswing in the ROI’s online marketing dollars. A benefit being, more gift certificate sales – a healthy generator of funds.

By creating an online booking contact form, customers can reach and book services faster and with more ease. The integration of the site to social media sites has increased brand awareness and skyrocketed customer interest. An online testimonial form benefits the company with accolades ready to entice in a greater customer base.


Fabulously Fierce Shoez (FF Shoez)


FF Shoez needed to change and we were there to make it happen. As an online shoe retailer opening a new partnership with a new exclusive shoe designer, they needed a higher average cart value to accommodate their newly acquired customers. We made a glass slipper to fit all these needs.

And here’s how we did it … First, we added multiple shipping and payment options opening the doors for more sales – (*read clear profits*). Next, real-time shipping integration and payment services were linked eliminating past concerns in this area – (*read clear profits*). And finally, we created an efficient catalogue management system – making it easier for both the customer and service – (*read clear profits*).

Partner with KLA Web Designs

Besides more customers, a higher rank in Google search results and a newfound confidence and pride that only comes from having a dazzling website, you get:

Red-carpet treatment: For us, we are partners in this deal. We learn all the ins and outs of your business so together we achieve your goals and meet your customers’ needs. 

Respect: We talk to you, not at you. We take the time to explain the why behind our design choices and how-to tips you can use to update your content by yourself; if that’s something you want.

Flexibility: Busy working your business Monday-Friday? No worries we have plenty of evening and weekend appointments just for you. 

Results: Being in business for almost 20 years and previously working for multiple Fortune 500 companies, there’s no “guessing” here. We KNOW our stuff and do it well.

When you’re ready to get more out of your website click “Book Appointment" to schedule a free no-strings-attached, 20-minute consultation. We’ll chat about your current site or your ideas for your new site, how it’s performing and what you can do to get more customers and dramatically increase your website’s effectiveness.

Celina’s Green Cleaning Service


We cleaned up with this redesign by giving the client a website that was easy to update. This resulted in cost savings and service comfort. The new design cleared all dust and debris away with an increase in long-term contracts and a shiny new higher average contract price.

In polishing up the redesign, we added an online booking form with a pre-payment option, creating a guaranteed service in the meantime. Other changes included new online testimonial and contact forms benefiting both business and customers alike. Finally, to promote the high quality of the service we integrated third-party testimonials and reviews – for nothing says “buy me” like satisfied happy past clients.

Doll Doctors Association


The goal of this website redesign was to increase membership and improve member services – all accomplished. We did this all while making it easier for the association to update their own website – cost savings. These tangible changes allowed for more early renewals – membership maintenance guaranteed.

The doctor is in the house – here is what value we prescribed. We created a membership business locator – ease of accessing services. Next, we established safety by designing a “membership only” password protected area. And finally, we made payment for services easy peasey by increasing membership payment options. The result – the house call was a success.


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