3 Back to School Tips for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

Yes, Labor Day marks the unofficial end of summer. Parents are celebrating. Most students, not so much. So, depending on if you’re celebrating or not; here’s a few things to keep in mind to finish out the year strong:

Browse around your website.

This is a perfect time to take a quick review.

  • Does information need to be updated?
  • Is your contact form still working?
  • Did you add new services or get more testimonials?

If you haven’t already, start to plan your holiday events and sales.

December 25th is less than 120 days away. Are you ready?

  • Are you offering a special product or service?
  • What about employee and other staffing needs?
  • What marketing do you need to get in place, such as flyers, websites, e-commerce stores and more?

What connections do you need to make?

The importance of relationships can be forgotten with the hustle and bustle of the business world.

  • Do you want a mentor or coach that help you get over the hump?
  • Do you need more employees or another business/referral partner?
  • Are there particular groups or organizations that you/your business could provide value?