3 Signs That Could Mean Trouble for your Website

Stop/Cross SignAs I share client success stories with busy entrepreneurs and prospective clients, I often hear website horror stories. I hear about underperforming websites, missing-in-action webmasters, and unfilled contracts, and more. As I listen, I hear common signs of ineffective websites that have drained their bank accounts.

Here are the top three common signs of website problems that you need to FIX … unless you like throwing money down the drain:

Sign #1: You haven’t gotten any leads from your website.

How to verify: Review your email or telephone log. If you aren’t keeping track, it’s time to start.
How to Fix: Create a process to handle website leads. Review every page to make sure there is a call to action. Consider if the website you have is right for your goals.

Sign #2: You are spending more on your website than what you are making from your website.

How to verify: Compare your website related income and expenses from the last 12 months.
How to Fix: Increase your website-related income and/or reduce your website expenses. You might be overpaying for hosting and/or not generating enough website related income.

Sign #3: Your website isn’t listed on the first page for your main business keyword.

How to verify: Open a private window in your favorite browser. Go to Google or any other popular search engine. Search for your “keyword location,” e.g., “web design Manhattan, KS.” See where your website ranks.
How to Fix: Create a strategy to get on the first page within six months. Using white hat techniques, six months very is doable. For faster results, but not necessarily long standing results, you can just go straight to paid ads. Be mindful, as soon as you stop the ads, your site could drop back off the front page.

How many of these signs do you see on your website? Have you paid too much for your website for it NOT to create the money to fuel your business?