3 Website Update Rules every Entrepreneur Should Know

Confused and Upset ImageAs more and more entrepreneurs battle with slow sales, income, and more demanding clients, we see an increased number of entrepreneurs struggling to stay ahead of their website updates. Whether it is the idea they save time, money, or even frustration with working with a partner, many seem to like the idea of being their own webmaster. Before you decide (or revisit the decision) to update your own website, here are some rules we have learned that can help guide you:

Rule 1: Identify the Who, What, When, and Why for each page.

For this rule, get a pen and paper. List every page in your website. Identify who will be responsible for updating and what will need to be added or removed. Then determine how often – daily, weekly, monthly, annually, or as needed. Lastly, write down the “Why”. For example, you should update your home page regularly to make it look “lived-in.”

Rule 2: Make sure YOU can access your own website, if you needed.

A common trait of entrepreneurs is to hire a 3rd party to build their business website. Sometimes, this can derail the greatest achievements. I still regularly meet prospective clients who are being ‘held hostage’ by their website designer. They won’t give up logins and passwords, leaving the entrepreneur in a difficult spot. Even if they could hire someone else to do the updates, they would not be able to access anything, ultimately, having to start from scratch.

Rule 3: Remain calm, and seek help, if needed.

Yes, don’t freak out. Sometimes, the updates won’t take. You know how technology works sometimes. It’s ok to stop, take a quick breather, and resume. There are many help resources – videos, forums, hosting customer support, and even your website designer/developer. And yes, you can do further damage, which will cost more to repair.

When you’re busy, it is human nature to let some tasks fall by the wayside. Our website update services are designed to make sure attracting new customers through your website isn’t one of them.