5 Ways Busy Entrepreneurs Throw Away your Website Investment

As a busy entrepreneur, you have to maximize every asset. Entrepreneurs have a “can-do” attitude, but sometimes, try to do too much. So you might decide to maintain your business website in-house to save a few bucks. There are top 5 mistakes I have seen in the last 20 years we’ve been designing and maintaining websites. Are you making any of these mistakes? If so, read on to learn how to avoid these mistakes.

Mistake #1: Using bad website design techniques

This is the most common mistake we see when working with busy entrepreneurs. They are experts in other fields, not designing and maintaining websites. After the site launch, some of our clients maintain their own websites going forward. Eventually, your high performing website is not delivering the results that you need. We can provide a listing of current website design practices related to your specific website.

Mistake #2: Adding new content without optimization

This can include not adding a title and description for search engine optimization, not resizing images for the web for speed optimization, and more. As a result, your website ranking can drop and your site can become slow, pretty much undoing all of your previous work and results. Ask your website designer/developer for tips and suggestions for pages and content that you update in-house.

Mistake #3: Updating your site when YOU are available

Performing updates “When you get a minute” rarely works in your favor; it helps your competition. Think of your website as another asset or tool to generate more income. Our preferred strategy is to assign updated frequencies based on the page content, function, or feature, and then adding to the work calendar.

Mistake #4: Making changes without backup

Technology is great, but sometimes, it fails. If that happens, are you ready? Will your website be down for an hour, a day, and a week, forever? Your best bet is to make sure content and data is regularly backed up. To take it a step further, consider doing a test run of restoring your most recent backup, so if an emergency occurs, you can be ready.

Mistake #5: Believing your website is a one-time deal

You have spent a lot of time and money already and you think, “There is nothing more to do.” This can be a fatal assumption for your website and your business. You can lose thousands of dollars in new business because visitors, just based on your website, think you are out of business.

Remember, your website is either an asset or a liability. Fortunately, with regular updates and attention, your website can continue as a viable and needed business asset.