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About KLA Web Designs

Your website is your business’ storefront and your best salesperson rolled into one... Do you like what it says about you?

97% of consumers are searching for local services and products online. Having a great website is no longer an option. It's mandatory.

The problem is not every small business owner has tens of thousands of dollars to invest in a fancy high-end website.

Dealing with a cheap overseas designer is a nightmare. Between missing deadlines, creating an ugly site that looks nothing like you wanted, of course you want to call them up demanding your money back, but they never respond to emails and getting them to connect on Skype is a joke.

And then let’s not talk about the high-priced designers who sell you the “idea” of having a cash-boosting website only to leave you with a hefty invoice and a crappy site.

I’m Katrina L. Alexander, and I launched KLA Web Designs to put high-converting websites within your reach.