Your website is your business’ storefront and your best salesperson rolled into one. Do you like what it says about you?

97% of consumers are searching for local services and products online. Having a great website is no longer an option. It’s mandatory.

The problem is not every small business owner has tens of thousands of dollars to invest in a fancy high-end website.

Dealing with a cheap overseas designer is a nightmare. Between missing deadlines, creating an ugly site that looks nothing like you wanted, of course you want to call them up demanding your money back, but they never respond to emails and getting them to connect on Skype is a joke.

And then let’s not talk about the high-priced designers who sell you the “idea” of having a cash-boosting website only to leave you with a hefty invoice and a crappy site.

I’m Katrina L. Alexander, and I launched KLA Web Designs to put high-converting websites within your reach.

Powerful WordPress Websites to Grow Your Business

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Our 6 step process

01 Discover

We work with you to accurately identify what you need, want, and might not need. We use a refined interview that takes about 30 minutes.

02 Define

We research solutions for issues and concerns identified in the Discover stage. Our document provides the key tasks and milestones.

03 Design

We use your existing branding elements to lay out the look and feel of the overall website and individual pages.

04 Develop

We add content and implement functionality to create a first draft for review. We also complete quality assurance and testing.

05 Launch

Your new website is ready to go live. We also handle any transfers that may include email, domain names, hosting, and more.

06 Maintain

Every website design solution has an easy to follow suggested update plan for either do-it-yourself implementation or for us to do for you.


Being in business for almost 20 years and work for multiple Fortune 500 companies, there’s no “guessing” here. We KNOW our stuff and do it well.

Red Carpet Treatment

We are partners in this deal. We learn all the ins and outs of your business so together we achieve your goals and meet your customers’ needs.


Busy working your business Monday-Friday? We accommodate your schedule with plenty of evening and weekend appointments just for you.


We take the time to explain the why behind our design choices and how-to tips you can use to update your content by yourself, if you want.

Katrina L Alexander

After working as a project engineer for multiple Fortune 500 companies and receiving several written warnings for not spending all the money assigned to my projects – I decided to leave the corporate world and share my gifts of design, problem-solving and stretching every dollar by launching KLA Web Designs part-time. Later, due to the overwhelming requests for services, we moved to a full-time schedule, offering weekend and evening appointments. Unlike many design firms who just slap some words and pictures in a template and call it a website, we take the time to teach you how to get the most out of your site. From attracting more people to your site, to updating your website’s information plus implementing must-have systems and processes for running a successful business. Ready to get more customers and have the confidence to share a link to your website with everyone you meet (because it’s so cool and awesome)?