Plugins and Website Functionality

Happy July!

Half of the calendar year has flown by, hasn’t it? To help finish out the year strong, let’s talk about website plugins and functionality.

What’s a plugin? A plugin is a piece of software or code that adds on to your website to increase functionality or do more.

Plugins are great because they save you time and money and can make your operations more efficient.

Examples include:

  • Payment plugins allow clients and customers to pay by credit card or purchase products like gift certificates.
  • Testimonial plugins allow you to showcase reviews and recommendations from satisfied clients, in an organized fashion, instead of just a wall of text.
  • Form plugins allow visitors to send pictures or a file so you can provide a quote, possibly without having to travel to their location or even call on the phone.

As you think about your goals, and look at competitor’s sites, think about how you would like to better serve your clients and customers.