Referral / Affiliate Tracking Software​

Here are a few questions to consider before starting an affiliate program:

  1. Will affiliates be required to use or have purchased the product or service?
  2. What type of support/tools (graphics, links, videos, telephone calls, etc.) will you give your affiliate partners?
  3. Will you screen affiliates or just let anyone sign up?
  4. Will the payouts be recurring or one-time?
  5. Will the commission be a flat fee or percentage? What will be the flat fee or percentages?
  6. How will keep track of commissions to complete any year-end tax forms, like 1099-MISC for your affiliates?
  7. Will you do automatic payouts or manual payouts?
  8. What is the return policy or when buyers (people who purchase from affiliates) want a refund?
  9. Will you have various levels of affiliates, as in different payout rates/amounts?
  10. What systems/integrations will your affiliate software need?