Search Engine Optimization: Top 5 SEO mistakes to AVOID

SEO Related ImageDo you see your competitors’ website seemingly zoom to the top of the search engine results? Do you wonder what they know that you don’t?  You can even out the playing field by avoiding SEO mistakes that torpedo any chance of SEO success. Are you making any of these top mistakes? If so, we can help you turn your SEO fortunes around:

Top Mistake #5: Building your website on non-SEO friendly platform

Many websites builders allow you to build a website in a matter of hours. The trade-off could be a non-SEO friendly website. Your website should attract qualified leads to purchase your services or products. Many entrepreneurs fail to realize – people can’t buy from businesses they don’t know about. A good hosting platform will allow you front end and back end access to all aspects of your website to implement your SEO strategies. Our quick assessment will help you determine if you need to move to a more SEO-friendly platform.

Top Mistake #4: Believing SEO is a one-time thing

There are teams of people at every major search engine trying to stay ahead of the bad SEO manipulators. SEO tactics that worked yesterday might get you penalized today. However, one thing that hasn’t changed is providing valuable content to your visitors. To continue to stay (or get on the 1st page), you must continually review, change/adapt, repeat. We provide initial SEO services when creating or updating your website, as well as basic and advanced SEO services to improve search engine rankings.

Top Mistake #3: Inconsistent content updates

You are too busy to update your website, because you are running your business. Regularly updating your content improves search engine rankings. You don’t have to write a 1000 word essay daily. You can add a quick video or even a short blog or just a tip of the day. For example, a branding expert I follow, shares a weekly video on various branding, marketing, and sales topics. Get a timer, set it for 30 – 45 minutes, and just write record or share more information about your business topic. We can help you develop a list of topics to cover.

Top Mistake #2: Implementing advice from non-SEO professionals

Even though your friends and family may mean well, doesn’t necessarily mean you should follow their advice (unless they are an SEO professional). Even on a limited budget, you should be able find the SEO support you need. FREE isn’t always better and hardly ever valuable. Implementing advice from non-professionals may do more harm than good and could cause irreparable (or expensive to repair) damage. We recommend, if you are going to DIY, subscribe to a few prominent SEO newsletters and take an introductory course on SEO principles.

Top Mistake #1: Undervaluing the important of local search optimization

There is a big buzz with having high US and Worldwide traffic rankings. With local search optimization, you want to attract potential clients that are closest to you, not on the other side of the country. How many times have you visited a website, was ready to visit, and then realized, they aren’t in your area? It’s disappointing and can hurt your website rankings with high bounce rates. If you are a locally based business, getting local clients is the only way you can grow your business and your bottom line.

Our beautifully designed website themes and templates are effective, reasonably priced, professional, and SEO Friendly. We offer an easy to update content management system that includes a full-time security team. The writing is on the wall, now it’s time to have your clients write more checks. Get started today.