B. Mijatovic

I am so impressed with Katrina’s work on my new website so far that I want to share my experience even before my website is complete!

Do not think twice – if you need a website made or redesigned – get Katrina!

The most important thing for me was that from the very first meeting I felt understood.

She has had a difficult task of combining my two different websites into one and while I overlooked some important questions to be addressed – she did not.

Even though she is not familiar with my field at all, she has researched it and made numerous improvements (compared to my previous websites) in the following areas:

-organization of content,

-streamlining the client interaction

-streamlining the sales process

-asking me for choices on visual parts of the design I didn’t even know I could choose (which is super important for me!)

– suggesting better ways to do things that I did not even know could be improved /and would have been in the dark about had she just chosen to copy that from my previous websites – which would have been easier for her/

– showing me how to update the content at my request (as this is super important for me since I continually add different workshops and classes and have to be able to do it myself)

All this and more – but most of all – the ease of collaboration and her patience, responsibility and reliability in all the different phases of the process – is what I appreciate the most!

Thank you, Katrina and I am so looking forward to my new website!!

May prosperity flow to you 🍀