C. Bunnell, Aggietown Real Estate

When I first talked to Katrina about the services I needed, she was very clear about what she provided and how she could help me. I knew right away, I was getting great value with the purchase of services. Katrina really helps you with the content you should provide on your website. She researches my competitors’ websites to see what others in the industry are doing. I would absolutely recommend KLA Web Designs.”

In buying the service from Katrina, I found that a professional can get things done faster, more efficient and without trial and error. Katrina made every step of the process look simple. Even when I completely did not understand some of the computer/website jargon, Katrina broke everything down to the simplistic of terms. She greeted every question that I had with a smile.

When I called on Katrina to help with the development of our website, Aggietown didn’t have an internet presence, at all; she was professional, knowledgeable, but no condescending when explaining the process and idea. She provided direction and just the best information for us to be directly involved with building the site and more importantly, maintaining the site. I WILL recommend Katrina and KLA Web Designs.