Thanksgiving Blog Edition: KLA Web Designs Favorite Things

It’s the month of thanksgiving. This month, I’m going to share my top 5 favorite things:

  1. My clients
  2. My daughter
  3. Adopt a Family
  4. My husband’s pecan pie
  5. Cyber Monday

I’m thankful for my clients because they trust me to grow their business. The website design industry is very competitive and I’m able to stand out among the crowd.  I’m thankful they value our work and appreciate the little things we do. We have weekend and evening appointments, I actually answer the phone when they call, to their surprise, and I enjoy checking in with them often.

I am thankful that my daughter, KJ.  She has helped develop my patience, critical thinking and design skills, and more. I use it all to deliver value to my clients. She frequently provides input with my youth and kids based projects. She is a valuable part of the KLA Web Designs family.

I am thankful for the Adopt a Family program. We match local businesses and individuals with families in the community who need help for more joyous holiday season. I am thankful for this program because growing up holidays was better because of programs like this.  I’m honored to help others have a great holiday as well.

I’m thankful for my husband’s pecan pie. He makes two for me every year. I have one fresh for thanksgiving, and another one for Christmas. He uses Splenda and a homemade piecrust. They last about two weeks because I eat just a little slice every few days and no one else is allowed to eat them!

I’m thankful for Cyber Monday because I can get all of my shopping done for the season in a matter of hours, not weeks.  I don’t like traffic and I can search for the best deals online. I shop diverse merchants and find unique gifts.

Yes, November is always busy with the unofficial start of the holiday season and business year wrap up. Look for opportunities to thank someone else today.