5 Signs that you need a website designer

5 Signs that you need a Website DesignerBusy entrepreneurs sometimes overlook the importance of website design. An effectively designed website increases your bottom line, strengthens your brand, and helps create satisfied clients and repeat customers. Averaging about 30 “quick look website reviews” weekly, here are my top 5 signs that you need a website designer:

Sign #1: Your site doesn’t work on smartphones

“Nearly two-thirds of Americans are now smartphone owners…”1 You can’t grow an empire missing out on 2/3s of your target audience. A website that doesn’t work on a smartphone kills your income.


Sign #2: You don’t know how to update your template without breaking the site

About 26% of the websites are powered by WordPress™, the leading content management system2. You could lose years of work, if you aren’t careful. An outdated template can reduce your site security and damage your online presence in a matter of seconds.


Sign #3: Your site was designed more than 24 months ago

Website technology changes very fast. Appeal to your ideal client with an effective and modern website design. A poorly designed website can make you look unprofessional.

Sign #4: Your website is NOT listed on any marketing materials

“I don’t even tell people about my website!” is a common statement I hear when I ask about internet presence. Your credibility is questioned when you have an unlisted website. A website that isn’t listed should either be updated immediately or just removed from the internet.

Sign #5: You get questions about content that’s already on your website

Your visitors can’t find what they want because it’s poorly organized. The majority of users want to find information easily. An experienced set of eyes will help identify and resolve design issues that cost you money.

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