Website Updates

As a business owner, time is your greatest asset.

You need time to serve your customers. You need time to generate more revenue. You need time to manage your team. And all these things leave little time to make sure your online money maker (ahem, that’s your website) is functioning like new and running at its best speed and optimization.

That’s where KLA Web Designs comes in.

Whether we’ve designed your existing website or not, we’re here to keep your site up to date and running smooth.

Best of all, our website management services can be purchased in quarterly blocks. That means you get access to a dedicated design expert when you need us most. Whether you want us to focus on quarterly site updates or dig deep into your website woes, just call or email and we’ll be right there.

Here’s the thing:
When you’re busy, it’s human nature to let some tasks fall by the wayside.

Our website management service is designed to make sure attracting new customers through your website isn’t one of them.


  • We will handle everything.
  • Cheaper than a webmaster ($70k+)
  • Most business websites
  • Work with a live person, not a robot
  • Upgrade/downgrade quarterly
  • No long term contracts
  • Unused hours rollover for up to 6 months

What We Do

  • Handle custom design changes
  • Make content updates
  • Address page speed and loading issues
  • Optimize your site for search engines
  • Back up your data
  • Provide monthly website content update ideas
  • And much, much more

Quarterly Website Update Plans


  • 12 content updates per quarter
  • Technical/Software Updates
  • Advanced Troubleshooting
  • Telephone Support*
  • Email Support*


  • 6 content updates per quarter
  • Technical/Software Updates
  • Regular Troubleshooting
  • Email Support*


  • 3 content updates per quarter
  • Troubleshooting
  • Email Support*

Email support includes sending updates via email.
Telephone support includes 1 hour of consultation monthly.